Saturday Clinics at Bases Loaded


Will "The Thrill" Boggs of Bases Loaded will be conducting clinics at 19 Patrick Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603. These clincs are $20 per player per hour, and will be held each Saturday until March 31, 20

4 - 6 pm: 6 - 8 yr olds; 6 - 8 pm: 9 - 12 yr olds.

If interested, please contact Will @ 914-708-7483.



An individual lesson is a one hour training session with a baseball or softball instructor. We will provide a player with the necessary knowledge to obtain and accomplish one or more of the six major fundamental skills.

We will teach players:
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  • Simulated PitchingHow to pitch a ball

  • Simulated HittingHow to hit a ball

  • Simulated FieldingHow to field a ball
  • Simulated CatchingHow to catch a ball

  • Simulated ThrowingHow to throw a ball

  • Simulated RunningHow to run


Running is all about form and efficiency. The ability to run faster is a skill that can be developed over time with consistent repetition, increased workload, interval training, visual feedback and coaching critiques. Have you ever watched two players with similar speed run from the batters box to 2nd base. Here is an example, player 1 runs straight down the base line from the batters box to 1st and then turns toward 2nd and runs straight to 2nd. The running pattern that this player makes looks like an L shape. This player will loose a lot of their momentum when making the turn. This will decrease the run time from the batters box to 2nd. Player 2 runs half way down 1st base line and rounds 1st, similar to a quarter circle, towards 2nd. The running pattern that this player makes looks circular. This player will be able to maintain momentum when making the turn. This will increase the run time from the batters box to 2nd.


Whether you're a pitcher, catcher, infielder, or outfielder a player needs to be able to throw a ball accurately towards a target. As a players career progresses the ability to throw with velocity becomes an asset for their team and their selves. The combination of these two attributes is what coaches are looking for when assigning a player to a position. ISTS can teach you how to throw with the attributes that can get you to the next level.


Catching a ball is a lot of fun unless you miss it. A player can catch a ball while standing stationary, while moving, jumping, diving, sliding, or in a squatted position like a catcher. A player can also catch a ball on their glove side, backhanded, over the head, or underhanded. Baseballs and Softball must be caught, because if they are not caught, then the fun factor will lose its luster. Come over to ISTS and let's have a catch!


Imagine being in a game and playing your favorite position with the game on the line. Suddenly a ground ball is hit towards you. What do you do? A) Have the knowledge and skill and field the ball with the proper technique. B) Tense up and hope that you field the ball. C) Close your eyes and put your glove on the ground, then open your eyes and look into the glove to see if the ball is in there. When you train with ISTS, you choose A).


A good hitter is a player who can see a ball and make contact with the ball. A great hitter is a player who understands the game situation, the pitch velocity, the type of pitch, and knows where to hit the ball within the hitting zones. A great hitter swings with force by putting their body in the best movement pattern to swing the bat and uses the sweet spot of the barrel to hit through the sweet spot of the ball. This will enable them to maximize their opportunity for a potential base hit or sacrifice.


Pitching is the cornerstone for any great team. This is where the stage light shines first. Throwing to locations, changing speeds, throwing different types of pitches, taking advantage of a hitters weaknesses, varying rhythm patterns, utilizing beneficial sequential movement patterns, understanding of the throwing zones, touch, feel, sensation, along with pressure and much more. At ISTS a player will learn about all this information.