Saturday Clinics at Bases Loaded


Will "The Thrill" Boggs of Bases Loaded will be conducting clinics at 19 Patrick Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603. These clincs are $20 per player per hour, and will be held each Saturday until March 31, 20

4 - 6 pm: 6 - 8 yr olds; 6 - 8 pm: 9 - 12 yr olds.

If interested, please contact Will @ 914-708-7483.


Bases Loaded is a company that has been created to teach Players, Parents, Coaches, Teams, and Organizations about knowledge, skill, and performance for the sport of Baseball and Softball. Knowledge is the overall component that players need to reach their goals. Assessing a player's current ability provides a realistic measurement of a player's current skill. Utilizing knowledge to enhance a players skill will increase a players overall ability. Performance is a by product of a players increased knowledge and skill that will help them to become more confident to obtain success.

Thanks...... I could end this message and I would only be speaking to God. But there are people in my life that I need to thank personally. To my parents Charles and Mildred Boggs, thank you for teaching me the life skills that have made me the person that I am today. I will always honor our name. To the Boland Family; you are my family. I thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to live my dream. To the Johnson Family, you guys have been my rock, and I owe you so much. To the Bell Family, thank you so very much for seeing in me that I could make a difference in peoples lives. You are my inspiration. To the Holcomb Family, thank you for guidance and help. To the players, families, and friends, thank you for believing in me and supporting me in our quest for success in life. If it was not for you none of this would be possible. Thank God. I love each and every one of you.